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dog deterrents


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lion shite.


nope I aint joking...... local safari park/zoo sell it as specialized manure, I used to drop a wod of it under the ferns in my garden before I got Deefa(my staffie) and I garantee a dog wont even come within 20 yards of your garden.


I used to see local strays wonder down the street and suddenly veer off when the wind blew the Lion musc scent toward them......feck knows how a everyday english stray knows wtf a Lion is.


cheaper oprion is Black pepper grounds but it tends to have to be redone everyday as the dew washes it away

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f**kin broken glass doused with white spirit




Interesting stuff that shaw, as you said though how the hell do they know pmsl. :unsure:



knowlesly safari park shop assistant told me its due to the amount of musk they secrete with their droppings (has to be the males obviously) and how its essentially the same chemicals that domestic cats use to mark their teritories but 1000x stronger and causes a fear response in any animal that sniffs it.


tbh....I was a little scared when I opened the bag it was in :pancake:

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