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hey guys just need to ask if anyone knows how i can program a standard car alarm fob?


im sorry but its not for an escort its for a mondeo V reg if anyone can point me in the right direction it bee very helpful.



Thanks in advance

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Its for a MK1 mondeo, but i'm quite sure the process is the same.


- www.mirez.co.uk


The final stage is to program the key for to the alarm module and vice-versa.


Step 1 - Put your key into the ignition and turn it to position 1, Wait for the alarm light to come on in the dash and then remove the key before the light goes out.


Step 2 - Point the remote at one of your receivers and press the bottom button until light flashes on transmitter (keep the button pressed in). on this section just press the remote as your is RF not IR

Step 3 - Whilst the bottom button is held in press the front button 4 times then release both at the same time.


Step 4 - Both the keyfobs LED and the alarm LED should flash to indicate communication complete. Put your key back into your ignition and turn to position 2. The LED on the dash will then extinguish and programming (and this modification) is complete.

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