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black leather front seats


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after either a pair of cabrio front seats or escos recaros. must be black leather. bored of sliding out my ghia x leather seats

will also consider after market bucket seats but must be black leather or half leather and suitable for a mk6 5 door


cheap as possible people :)

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RS2000 seats are what you want, you won't get a better seat, i've had a few in my escort :blush:

is that wide enough for my brothers backside?

i might just get a drivers seat, as long as its black leather. i quite liked the gti seats but my parents and brother b**ched

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Something else for the garage :roll:

no, that would be the ghia seats coming out :P


You'll find what you're after are extremely rare so I wouldn't get your hopes up.


You're best getting Recaro seats and getting them re-trimmed if you're that desperate.


i'm always hopeful :P

i have something that i'm looking at but not gettin my hopes up.

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