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Are all Escort 1.8 ECU's the same....?


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Is the factory set, Escort ztec 1.8 ECU the same as the 1.8 Ghia, Si and the Gti? Is the mapping of the ECU any different?


Would there be increased performance from the Gti ECU?


Reason I ask, the door lock on drivers side has worn or maybe its the key.


Although I have remote locking with the alarm, I don't want two different keys, one for the door and another for all other locks.


My plan is to buy a lock set with ECU.



Does anyone knows of an alternative?



I don't have a red master key, no idea if my car had one from new. I only have the one black key with red dot.



Should I acquire a lock set without an ECU. Is it possible to have my existing transponder chip copied and programmed into the new keys or somehow physically inserted into the new keys?

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