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My Escort GTI


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gave it a clean today and came out very nice i think.


As i stated in the swap topic im after a swap for some 16" mondeo alloys with low profile tyres 45/50.

And for those who dnt like lexus lights these are being sold and changed once my original lights are deliverd (hopefully this year :unsure: )




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arches are not bad although they could do with being rolled as the metal starting to curl and is quite sharp.

would love some escort cosworth alloys on it :P .


Tis strange tho as its about the slowest bhp car ive had but still rather enjoyable and mpg is very good tbh.

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i dnt like the rear lights on it as well and will be replaced 1 day.


wheels look nice but do need a refurb and a few tyres could do with replaceing due to the last owner never sorted the arches out and it has eaten away at them abit,

Ive now good a set of mondeo alloys now so ill take a few pics and post to see wat u think.


ill be selling it near to summer as its only to get me around as im saving for a golf gti turbo.

but i wanted to make the escort bk to standard, apart from from the full lowering kit, exhaust, filter.

Ive so far put a new clutch in and cambelt has recently been done, wishbones/cv joint will be changed very soon and ill give it a oil/filter/plugs change soon too.

so You will find it in the sale section near to summer :D

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