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need your opinion on this


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hi guys my car is in the middle of a full restoration but ive changed the colour from white to vauxhall vxr blue just got some morretes for it and cosworth style grill also doin a bad boy bonnet on a rs2000 one lol.


the thing is iam in mixed minds weather to put a cossie front bumper on it or this 1 with open mouth.

am off to the body shop in the next few days to take some snaps of the car


ive put a cosworth rear bumper on

cosworth lower spoiler

gti skirts

but dont no about the front yet which 1 would you guys go for if i go for this 1 iam gonna smooth is lines out and colour code the splitter



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i wouldnt go for the cossie bumper unless your sticking the rest of the kit on - imo go for the open mouth RS2K bumper

yeah i think i will go for the open mouth bumper i got those head lights and front grill of hi the other day for a real bargin gave £75 for both plus £17 postage so cant be bad i would of built a nice car for so little money lol.

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