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If you have a couple of minutes, could you please vote for my son.


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I know its a bit of a ball ache but i promised my missus i would ask you :)


If you go to http://www.findthefaceofbluezoo.com/gallery.aspx then click on the "filter tab" and enter in: Boy, Age 2 and South Coast then scroll down 5 pages and my son is "Cobee" (the last one on the right)


Thank you for taking your time to do it.. If you do, do it.


Much loves!

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il do it if you get a thermostat for your snake. :)


its going in a viv sometime this week with a heat bulb and dimmer thermostat one end and a UVA bulb the other end with a thermostat as well just incase the cool end gets to warm with the bulb on.


So dont worry, it will be safe lol.


done :) i want a curly wurly


Done! I want a Curly-Wurly too. :)



I will send you both a nice short and curly hair as well... And your in luck, its ginger!! :D


Thanks for doing it though guys :D

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