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Back in the day?


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A nice topic for open discussions about what you remember as a child:


Sticking to Set options, the question is:


What do you remember when you were a child regarding:




TV shows,




& toys.




Mine would be:


Cartoons: Morph & Family-Ness.


TV Shows: Blind Date, Noels house party.


Food: Jelly Tots & Wonka Bars.


Toys: GoGo's & Micro Machines.


Discuss! :)

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Cartoons - trap door, superted, banana man, fantastic max, stop it and tidy up, thundercats, he-man, she-ra,


TV shows - pugwall, round the twist, going live, blue peter, the queens nose etc


Food - cheese and onlin crisps in the green pack and salt and vinigar in the blue pack, salt n shake, spiras and the normal crap


toys - sega megadrive, nintendo, teenage mutant ninja turtles, go-kart

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cartoons - not many, was always out playing


TV Shows - OFAH repeats, Kickstart, Round the Twist and religeously watching Top Gear with my Dad on a thursday!!!


Food - chocolate, and lots of it


Toys - again, didn't have many, was alway out somewhere, but I remember having an MSX 64k that loaded off tapes via a tape player :O, and an Amiga 500 :)

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Mine would be:


Cartoons: danger mouse & count Duckula.


TV Shows: tomorrows world.


Food: wham bar & highland toffee bar.


Toys: starwars & action man.


computer: zx128... amstrad 464..... commodore 16+4

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80s child!

Cartoons: he-man, thundercats, captain planet, those bears that downed some go go juice and bounced everywhere, ducktales, tom ad jerry


TV Shows: ghosttrain on sat morning, live & kicking, Noels house party, youbet, gladiators


Food: much bunch in little 'men style' pots, bear shaped ham, lucky charms (which i can buy locally now for £6 hee hee)


Toys: micromachines, sega megadrive2+mega CD (WOOOOW), GHOSTBUSTERS house with real slime that burnt into the carpet woops ahah trolls & stretch armstrong, hippo game?!

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those bears that downed some go go juice and bounced everywhere




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Cartoons Count Duckular, Captain Planet and Rude Dog and The Dweebs


TV shows Power Rangers( the origional) Round the Twist


Food That stuff that used to crackle in your mouth, cant remember the name! and 10p Space raiders


Toys SNES with the scope, Skateboards with the big plastic brake at the back and BMX's

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Cartoons : he-man, THUNDERBIRDS, thundercats, captain planet,


TV Shows : Fun house!! what a weird whacky place or whatever they called it


Food: Potato scollops, you dont see these any more?! and bags of penny sweets


Toys: See cartoons, i had toys from a few of those shows

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Cartoons - Mr Blobby!!! , round the twist, queens nose etc...


TV Programmes - Blind Date, Catchphrase, and its not a programme, its an advert i remember with a blue phone, think it was lombard direct, 0800 2 15000 lol, its always stuck lmaooo


Food - Bn Bn's, Turkey Twizzlers, Highland Toffee and Parma Violets :P


Toys - Pokemon Cards, Gameboy Colour, and not a toy, but my first phone - Nokia 3310. Used to love playing snake lol

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Cartoons... dont remember many... maybe the Racoons at somepoint?


TV- Neighbours Funhouse, Krypton Factor, Noels house party altho that might have been later? Never been on for TV


Food- Spag bol was all I ever wanted as a kid... love everything though, funny seeing Im such a skinny runt!


Toys- had (and still have in the attic) millions of Matchbox cars and had lots of road carpet to drive them on lol. Lego and later Knex. Pushbikes and pedal go-karts were always a massive part of my childhood though outside alot compared to the 'new computer' generation... who seem to be bored as soon as they leave the house. Well duh if you just stand around on street corners or outside cornershops your gunna be bored

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