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My mk6 with its new rims!


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Got my new rims on now, like them alot, although will be colour changing them to white with a blue lip






Next on the list is the spoiler I have at home from the Si, colour coding the mirrors and door handles, then lower it 40mm and thats it for the car

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Simple, just like me sometimes haha!!


Im not going to be going for induction kits or big bore exhaust, want to keep it quiet and tidy mainly as I do alot of motorway miles, plus I will be having a new born in there very soon, last thing he will want is the noise going right through him when he is trying to nap!


The only other thing I "may" do, if I can get them for a good price, is the quad style headlights, like the ones you got on your motor in your sig

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I had thought about removing them, main reason is the drivers door is slightly peeling off, but im not sure due to the fact that we have some rather ignorant neighbours!


My old car got a nice white scratch along the door from his car, a few dents, and his mrs decided to park so close to my car, I had to climb in through the passenger door to get in! How the hell she got out I havent got a clue as she isnt the smallest of people!


I have these images that they will decide to park next to my car and start smacking it up again, which I dont want as this car is in fantastic condition for its year


Although they dont park next to me much since I had a go at him and told him to sort it out, but sods law and all that!

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