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throttle problems - car drving itself

Flesh Gordon

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I pull up to the lights, slow down and when i press down the clutch pedal my revs jump to 3k,

it drops back to normal when I put it into neutral and come off the clutch or when I drive off again


similar problem when driving at slower speeds,

I'll come off the accelerator but the car starts to speed up sticking to about 3k rpm, starting to get a bit scary



I'm going to replace the ICV later this week, cleaned it out a month ago as I was having high idle on startup

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OMG ford was drunk when they came to fit ICV on these escorts,

Why would they make it so difficult to get to,

Aint got the patients to do that,

Think ill keep the lumpyness

Send it my way then :thumb:



you well to far away mate or i would,

i see its a few bolts ect.. but ill prob break somet in the process! lol

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