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Race prepped mk2 fiesta


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E151 WCA - 1987 Non-sunrooof 1.4L

I sent the car to MDA motorsport in Cheshire at the beginning of last year. It has a had a full stripdown removing all the sounds deadening and underseal, the underside has then been welded, re-sealed and painted diamond white in 2k paint.


It has had a new inner and outer scuttle panel, inner wing, outer wings, front panel, sills repaired and rear chassis rails are new. Safety devices cage with door bars, added bars behind seats, behind dash and to make a rear cross. Also has a harness bar at the rear.


The car is fitted with the rally arches, skirts and splitter but this will need filling properly before paint. I have all the 2k diamond white, hardener etc to go with it as well as white primer.


Quad lights are included as well as the fibreglass bonnet


Front turrets are fitted with mk2 escort eccentric top mounts for camber and castor adjustment. Gas struts are fitted with 50mm lowering springs.


The shell is now completely rust free apart from two tiny bits of welding needed because I didn't strip away the seam sealer on the rear bench



This is how it stands










Inside the new scuttle was painted too



It comes with xr2 dash, clocks, carpet, door cards etc. There is a mind boot and 2 mint doors as well as a pair of lightened doors, all the glass is there as well as 2 poly windows for the rear 1/4s. The shell is rolling and has a wiring loom.


I'm sure I've missed loads off but I'm after £1000ono, the parts are worth that alone and it cost me over £2200 including all the paint and welding work.

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