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Online Shopping Problem


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Right, here's the deal.


My girlfriend placed an order with an online shop called Uniform Your Business. She wanted to order loads of polo shirts, t-shirts, etc. with a logo embroidered for a nursery she's opening soon. The problem is, she placed the order on the 4th January and hadn't heard anything from them.


Now she's spend a substantial amount of money (over £300) and obviously she wants her money back. I called them a few weeks ago, asked what the hell was going on (since it had been over a month) and they said the logo she sent wasn't good enough so they haven't done the order. I complained, asking why she hadn't been contacted and said in that case I wanted a full refund.


They assured my they would do that, and yet it hasn't been done. I've called them God knows how many times over the last few weeks and they keep spouting the same sh!t, "we'll sort that out and get back to you" but they never do. It's getting ridiculous now, and it's clear we're not going to get our money back.


She paid with a debit card using Google Checkout, so I don't know how that system works.


What the hell can I do? Any advice would be appreciated.

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quick google brought me to this:


Your legal rights when you buy goods

When you buy goods (including goods supplied as part of a service), the law gives you certain rights as a consumer. The law says that the goods must:


•be of satisfactory quality. This means that the goods should be free of any faults, including minor ones. They should be of the quality that a reasonable person would expect given the description, price and any other relevant circumstances. You can take into account the appearance and finish of the goods, and whether there are any defects (including minor ones). You can also take into account whether publicized information about specific features of the goods is accurate, and whether the goods are safe when used properly

•be fit for the purpose. This means that you must be able to use them for the purposes that you would normally expect from this type of product, or any purpose that you have told the seller you want to use them for

•match their description. This means that if there is a verbal or written description of the goods, it must be accurate. And if you choose goods after seeing a sample, your goods must match the sample.

There are a number of things a trader is not allowed to do when they sell you goods. These include:


•make a written statement that you have no legal rights when you buy goods

•make a false description about goods

•sell dangerous or unsafe goods

•try to charge for goods sent that you didn't order

•sell short measure or short weight

•give a misleading price, either in writing or verbally.

If a trader does any of these things, you should complain to Consumer Direct


Consumer Direct

Tel: 0845 404 05 06

Website: www.consumerdirect.gov.uk


Consumer Direct is a telephone and online consumer advice service, supported by the Office of Fair Trading and local authority Trading Standards services. The advice and information is free, but telephone calls to Consumer Direct are charged at 0845 prices. Consumer Direct is available in England, Scotland and Wales.


Consumer Direct can help you sort out a problem with a trader or to make a complaint. It can also explain your consumer rights and direct you to other bodies such as trade associations or Trading Standards if these are better able to resolve your consumer problem.


and also these guys


The advice and information is free, but telephone calls to Consumerline are charged at 0845 prices.


Office of Fair Trading (OFT)

Fleetbank House

2-6 Salisbury Square



Tel: 0845 722 44 99

Fax: 020 7211 8877

E-mail: enquiries@oft.gsi.gov.uk

Website: www.oft.gov.uk

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Yeah, they're in Wolverhampton apparently according to their website.


Go down to the office if they are uk based :) or say you will come to the office as they havn't bothered to refund you.

Not really an option, it's a good 3/4 hour trip for me!

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Phone them and demand they refund you immediately. Im guessing they havent made a single item of clothing yet, tell them you dont want them to "rectify the situation and send the items out soon"


Google the company and see if they are genuine..

I'm guessing he has already tried that...


Best bet is to threaten them by telling them you will be taking it up with Google checkout's etc. and small courts


If that doesn't work, actually go ahead with google and the small courts


Good luck :cheers:

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Well she's put in a refund request/dispute (or something like that) with Google Checkout. I've never used it before though, is there anything else I need to do?


seems your not the only one >> clicky

Thanks for that, I've persuaded her to give up any hope of getting anything from them and she's put an order in with a reputable local company instead, which I told her to do in the first place :innocent:


Threaten them mate, but actually go through with it.


The sooner you contact consumer direct/google checkout, the more chance you'll stand!


Once you get it sorted, if you're interested, I can find you the details my company use? Northern based I believe.

What can I threaten?


It's hugely unlikely I'll be travelling down there to kick their asses!


Edit: Ah right, just read Liam's post :)

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