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escort bits for sale


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Im sell my escort and these are some bit i have left over.



3 pairs of new evo sport drilled and grooved disc's £40 apair


Red dot 6slot front disc's £30


Angel eye head light. one clip is broke but they still fit the car no problems. £60 (bulbs not included)




Bad boy bonnet with vent mould in, needs painting up. £25




Fibre glass sport rear bumper not sure on the make some slight damage but repairable £25


Five door si interior complete with door cards. with raven flow pattern £10




Half tinted rear lights £10




Also keep an eye on my ebay origin525 as im selling loads of other parts.


Pm me with and information, on postage or collection.


I'll try to get pic's up of the other bits.

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3 pairs of new £40 apair


Red dot 6slot front disc's £30



Interested in a pair of discs. Would they be suitable for my MK6 Escort Estate TDI. What is the difference between the two makes. Are the red dot items new or used? Have you got a picture of them.


I am localish (canvey) so collection is not a problem.



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