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Sorry guys this may sound really stupid, but I can't find the correct answer anywhere.


What colour is my car? Here is a picture, I want some paint so I can paint the door handles and the inside interior and the base of the gear stick.


I need the same colour I have at the moment, but can't find what type of colour it actually is, here is some pictures.




In light it has a hint of purple, if anyone knows the exact colour, It would be really appreciated!


Thanks, sorry for these stupid questions.

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Weird, and it decoded to this.


The VIN SFAAXXBBAASM66994 breaks down as


Manufacturer Identifier



Ford Motor Company Ltd (England)


Body type



5 Door Hatchback





Ford Great Britain (Own Assembly)


Assembly Plant



Halewood (UK)










1995 (some codes are used for more than one year)







Production Sequence





Which has no colour... Real confused now :(

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peoepl on this forum cant even work out the colur u fuking belends lol


People like you can't spell for shite!


Don't take state blue as gospel as that pic is crap and there is another colour that is almost identical to state blue. As said just go to a paint supplier (not Halfords) and they'll match it for you and fill up a rattle can of the exact shade you need (Some colours had more than one shade due to updates over the years, like diamond white has been altered at least 13 times)

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