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Proudest Dad In The World!


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Went to work this morning knowing that my 5 year old had a football tournament at school. I wished him well off to work I went.


Came home and just saw him beaming with a smile on his face and as I walked through the door, he handed me his small trophey and his winners medal and then he handed me another gold medal with a certificate which said he had scored the fastest (as in speed) goal which was recorded at 32.45mph which I was really shocked at because he is small for his age and it was hard to belive that someone so small could produce that much power.





chuffed to the world me...and so proud.. :drunk:


Thought i'd share this with y'all

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He does practise all the time.


when he gets home from school, he goes into the garden and plays with size full size leather footballs, then every wednesday evening he goes to football practice at the local sports center.


One of his friends has just joined the Liverpool FC academy so he's thinking that he will join the Manchester Utd academy when he's 6.

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