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Inside door rubber strips


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I'm after the rubber strips that go inside the doors (Black arrow in pic) Needed for a 3 door unless the 5 door versions can be trimmed?


Don't mind travelling a little way for them, so the closer too Harwich / Essex the better. Or will pay postage. Got none at my local scrap yard. Don't want to pay silly money. Just annoys me that they missing LOL.


I also need a set of 4 bolts that hold the throttle body down.



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Still need a set of rubber strips and a set of bolts please.

i got the bolts you can have them if you pay postage for them pm as a reminder as am forgetful. is it the rubber door strips or is it a rubber seal on side skirt i have door rubbers but not one for side skirts


Pm sent :cheers:

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