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the X factor


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I got fed up with the mondeo a while back and thought i'd get rid, free up a few pennies and get something cheaper. The obvious car to me was another escort :) After a couple of months browsing for a good to mint GTI estate or 3/5 door GTi and seeing rust bucket after rust bucket i was beginning to think there were no more nice GTi's left in the world :( i even started looking at other makes, things were that bad ;( then late last night i spotted a GHIA X 5 door which looked and sounded pretty good in the ad. I rang it up this morning and drove to sheffield to have a look. As soon as i saw it i took the plunge back into escort ownership and bought it.

Its a Polar white 5 door Ghia X, 74k with full service history, full leather interior, factory radio/tape with 6 CD changer and as near to mint as a 13 year old car can be, the only thng its missing is the drivers side rear bump strip, No plans for it, it will be staying as is :) .

Heres a few pics:









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Very nice example there. Love my ghia x more than anything. jaste dont like the ghia front grill. funny getting one in white as ghia x gets met. paint as standard. well specced from factory. lether interior is over a grand new.


guessing you paid more than i did. mine was 700 quid.

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Cheers Guys, it is a minter, it was the leather interior that made me buy it. It drives like new, everything is nice and tight. Whoever owned it has looked after it. Not letting up on he price but it was a bargain compared to what i have seen over the last few months and thats not just escorts, not far off the £700 figure mentioned above, right place, right time i guess :thumb:


No plans on the horizon, not even a wheel change. Money is a bit tight at the moment hence why i sold the mondy. Work situation is up in the air at the moment. Once thats all resolved i might do a few things, only time will tell :thumb:

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