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What can i do


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When i brought the van there was no console Radio and i was left with a great big hole, this wasnt a problem as i had a nice faceoff CD player which i like and want to keep.


Originally the van was going to be used as a works van so i quickly fabricated a piece of sintra screwed it in place and fitted the stereo. ive since decided that i like the idea of doing the van up instead of using at as works van and as you can see ive put in a ghia facia and slowly but surely its all coming together however


i have the horrible sight of the stereo now and its bothering me, i know the easy option is to put in an original Ford Stereo but i realy dont want to do this i want to do something diferent


so does any one have any ideas or advice on what i can do. i think in hindsight i dropped a b*****k



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