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k reg 130 spec 3i ,


has rs2k interior £150 collected ,


engine runs but needs headgasket changing as its using water and ive checked this out, i will do this for a good price if the buyer wishes


lowered , ill check what suspension but i think its 60mm drop ,


skirts good £30,


bumper with lights etc ,


ill get some pics tomoz,


located in north london by enfeild,.

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yeah its got rear discs , headlight is good :)


also it has koni shocks and springs,.










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i dnt need the lights mate i need the loom going back to the fuse box, im changing the front end of me motor to the rs2000/xr3i look, would you be able to remove the loom and label it all for me, if so how much, ill collect it aswell as i work in walthamstow

also how much for the rear disc beam

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its has no ecu or loom now as they are gone ,


engines still there tho with all pipework/box etc etc , it has the mtx box not ib5,


£100 takes the engine and all pipework , rad , inlet etc etc ,




taz, sorry but the shells goin for scrap after as a mate has claimed this , all parts from the shell are for sale tho,.

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