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Fiesta St Parts But Also 2 x Gti Alloys With Toyos


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I have some bits just sitting there in the garage so I may aswel try and sell them. If they don't sell I'll keep them as spares. I would like a mountune CAIS and some eibachs, so if theres anything of interest to you and you would like to swap, perhaps we could arrange a deal.


ST single alloy and pirelli. The alloy is in pretty good condition with a few light scuffs but no major kerbing. The tyre has very good tread, HOWEVER, there is a gash in the side wall. I am no tyre expert and have not had it checked so it would be up to you to decide if it's safe to use. It does hold air no problems and there is no sign of it leaking. £80








Brand new set of jacking point covers in primer. These cost about £20 each new. I'll sell them for £12 each or all 4 for £40.




Pair of St fog light surrounds with the silver rings. £25




Passenger side fog light surround with silver ring. Does have a scuff on it but would be no issue if colour coding. £15




St Grille with ford badge. Excellent condition with all mointing points there. £25

St Lower bumper grille. Again all mounting points good. £20




Pair of escort gti 15" alloys with good 195/45 Toyo proxes. Mainly for the tyres as the alloys have been very badly rattle canned in the past by the looks of them. I'm sure they could be made ok with a bit of love. £60







All prices are as above and do not include postage. All parts can be posted or can be collected from the Cardiff area South Wales.

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