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Xbox 360, games and accessories!


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It pains me to say, but up for grabs is my Xbox 360 and all the crap to go with it:


For £160 ovno

- White Xbox 360 console (MS replacement, should never RROD!)

- Power brick and leads

- HD Composite lead

- 5m ethernet lead

- 20GB HDD

- 3 Controllers (one is a bit worn but works fine!)

- 3 Rechargeable battery packs

- 2 Charge stations (do 2 packs at a time)

- 1 Headset


GAMES (included!)

- Forza 3!

- Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box

- SBK 09 World Superbikes

- Operation Flashpoint (Better than COD :D)


Sure there was another game too, if I find it i'll throw it in...

Console is a late 2008 model which means it should (!) never fail with RROD. It is a Premium console with HD Composite NOT hdmi. All games are in great condition - I take care of my stuff. :)


One previous owner - EscortNReg. Bought from him not too long ago, just replaced the games with newer releases. Selling to fund car stuff.


Here's a picture of MOST of the stuff included:



The only damage to the console is a snapped hinge on one of the memory card flaps. It is taped up from behind, so is completely invisible. You can still use the slot, or even replace the fascia (Fiver tops on ebay!) if it bothers you...


WILL POST FOR COST PRICE (probably just under a tenner).

[EDIT] Collection from either Norwich or Chelmsford possible too.



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