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Where to buy a timing belt?


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I'm probably overdue a change (67k) so thinking of doing it with my MOT as i've got some money


Apart from Ford as i'd imagien they are too expensive for me, anywhere else?


I've found here:



But it seems far too cheap for its own good ?



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Buying a timing belt from Ford or Primark will be a dfference of about £3. The belts cost fcuk all, the cost is down to where you get it fitted.


If I were you, I'd either buy the kit from Ford, or leave it to the garage. Buying it yourself will be a very small saving.

If that's the case then that's what i'll more than likely do, no doubt I will take it to Carl's anyway so i'll ask him in advance if he will order one in.




Admin/Mods feel free to close this topic :thumb:

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