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escort gti going to the crusher


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ok cars in bits ready to go

prices from a quid! free bits too if you are at my door


so be quick if you need any bits

gearbox 20

doors 10 ea

bonnet 20

boot 20

grilles 5

all lamps 10 a set

clocks ebay

dash bits ebay

wheels 100

central locking module 10posted

steering wheel 25 ebay tonight

airbag with wheel

shocks 20

rad kit 10

engine 100

engine loom 25 poste

ecu with key/losks 25 posted

magnex exhaust 100

if its seen on the car then its staying on it when its crushed

can remove tomorrow but being collected in the afternoon



in norfolk or can post



bits that are gone are



door cards




some othe stuff i think

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yeah tis a good system bout an hour away from ya.

i had to weld where the sleive is as it had been very tight and kinked it, goes in and out well now, no so easy its loose not so hard you need a hammer





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