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Hi, I am hopefully getting a garage soon. I don't think it has an electric in it so i'm considering getting a generator that would run:


SIP migmate 130turbo Mig Welder

an angle grinder and some other powertools like drills ECT.


Im wondering if anyone could recommend a generator that would run primarily the welder cause if it can run it it will run all the other things,

Cheers :cheers:

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Here you go just looked it up:


Sip Migmate 130 Turbo


130amp Welding power - Will weld up to 5mm mild steel


Extra low current performance - Able to deliver a unique 25 amp minimum power for welding thin mild steel easily


Takes up to a 5kgs wire spool


Product Features

» Input Voltage 50hz~ - 230v - 13A


» Welding current - 25 - 130amps


» Output @ 20% Cycle duty amps - 107


» Open circuit voltage - 18 - 34


» Wire size - 0.6 - 0.8 (Steel) 0.8 (Aluminium)


» Output power settings - 6


» Weight - 28Kgs


» Approx. Weld thickness range (mild steel) - 0.7 - 5.0mm


new £179.00 inc VAT, good used condition. £75



So if your looking at the above 4.5 KVA Clarke Generator


To convert KVA to AMPS:

Multiply KVA by 1000/voltage [ (KVA x 1000) / E ]


4.5 x 1000 / 230 = 19.5 amp - not really big enough


26 x 230 / 1000 = Approx 6 KVA - this is more the size you want


EDIT: I'm pretty sure our repair man said you need a welder friendly generator to cope with the surge in demand. I'll ask him about this and what he would recommend for you when I see him next week :)

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