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How do you remove door locks


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need to remove the inner door panel,

remove the cover that is over the lock assembly (wee bolts or screws holt it on)

on inside of door is a metel clip that slots either side of the lock assembly.need to slide that out with a bar or screwdriver,,once thats of you need to undo the linking bars by prising the clips off.


if it has central locking you will need to unbolt the unit from the internal side off door before getting to the retaining clip.


once the door panel is off,it will be easier to see what needs to be removed,case of work your way in to what is in the way

common sense and a bit of patience....

best to get a set of locks to replace your ones as they can be a pain to refurb.

only abou 25 otes from ebay for two new locks,means a different key for locking car but not much of a pain.

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its easy enough to do as i have had to do my two old escorts as the mechanism was playing up


after the door card is removed there is a cover on the mechanism to come off then take the barrel out by removing the clip and then the three bolts holding the mechanism in


the fiddly bit is the cable to the interior handle and then manouvering the mechanism out of the door

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