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my car!


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Easily get that done

nah, too much :vangry: going on m8, it really is going to be close! :nutter:

i have just come back in again, been down there since 9 tonight but it's not just the back doors being tided up, the wings are off because we have adjusted the doors, the skirts have had to be cut and shortened then someone made it about 3mm too short so that gave us another problem, the zorst needs moving, door cards are all off be sorted out, and more.........oh my god......loads still to sort 8o was only going in to be sprayed then we have all these good ideas!! :roll: :roll:


plus i am a 35 woman with 2 kids, so to be fair, when you can only do it at certain times because of circumstances and still trying to run a normal house is hard, thank god i have kev, he doesn't do bodywork, althought he helped me wet and dry the whole car! :thumb:

thanks babexxx :wub:

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