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Just out of interest


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Its just a bit of an interest really, although I do like my wheels, but thought I would see what people would offer


Im not interested in GTi wheels or Mondeo wheels, as personally I prefer the RS 5 spokes over them anyday, but if you have a nice set of wheels, then maybe I will be interested


Condition wise they are all fantastic, with just the odd kerbing as per usual, and 4 wheels have good tyres, and 1 will need a new tyre as its fubard. 1 wheel has some of the lacquer missing, but nothing that cant be sorted easily


Tyres are 205/50/15 and 1 of them in brand spanking new


All have the center caps.


I do love these wheels so I will add that I wont part easily, but thought out of interest, I would see what was offered. If nothing decent is then I will happily keep hold of them ready for my car to be lowered hopefully next month


Based in Portsmouth


Wheels in question:


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