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Gear Knob problems


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Hey I bought this gear knob off a user here, thinking it would fit fine, but I have ran into a few problems.


First of all notice the size difference of the 2 knobs.


One on the left, being the one I bought and the one on the right being the standard escort knob.




Now is there a way to remove this black thing off the gear stick? I tried brute force and got no where.





I feel if I remove that, then I will easily be able to slot on the new gear knob. I honestly thought they would of been the same size.. silly me.



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I loosened it with pliers, and now I am twisting and twisting and it will not come off, I think the thread is gone or something, I can sit there and twist it anti clock wise all day but it will not budge, I even tried lifting up whilst twisting and that makes no difference, yet a few twists clockwise and it will lock in. Maybe I can saw it off? I honestly can't see it budging any other way.
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