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Dell PowerEdge 1750 Server


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Rack mounted

2.8ghz Xeon


3 x 36gb hard drives


NO OS, no CDs Drivers (All drivers and utilities are available direct from Dell's website).


I know little about this unit other than it works and is in good condition.


Blub from elsewhere:


The PowerEdge 1750 is a high performance, highly available, highly manageable, rack-dense dual-processor 1U general-purpose (GP) server ideally suited for edge-of-network, infrastructure, high performance compute clustering, and thin client/server-based computing environments.


Key Features:

* Dual Xeon 2.8GHz Processors symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), SMP greatly improves overall system performance by dividing microprocessor operations between independent microprocessors. Upgrade to 3.2 GHZ BEST VALUE $69.99


* 36Gb SCSI up to three 1-inch, internal 68-pin U320 SCSI

* 512mb RAM up to 8GB of PC-2100 / PC-266 registered DDR SDRAM memory modules, upgradable to a maximum of 8 GB by installing combinations of 128-MB, 256-MB, 512-MB, 1-GB, or 2-GB 2-way interleaving memory modules in the four memory module sockets on the system board.


* Floppy Drive 3.5" 1.44MB


* CD-ROM drive

* 2 USB ports and 1 Serial Port

* ATI Rage XL (8MB) PCI video controller; VGA connector

* One hot-pluggable, 320-W power supply Optional 2nd Available see dropdown menus


* An integrated, dual-channel U320 SCSI host adapter. The internal channel supports up to three SCSI hard drives on the SCSI backplane. The SCSI backplane automatically configures SCSI ID numbers and SCSI termination, greatly simplifying drive installation. The second SCSI channel (an external SCSI channel) is available at the back of the system.



Looking for a bargain £130 delivered to your door, or £110 collected from Aberdeen City.


Identical to:



Just opened mine to see exactly what it has. As you can see.


Single 2.8ghz Xeon, upgradable to dual processors.


2 x 2gb RAM upgradable to 8gb total




Floppy drive


3 installed 36gb scsi drives (as already mentioned)



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