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Stiff bolts/nuts

Mk6 Si Ross

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normal wrench and limited space and own arm power can't undo some nuts/bolts..................any ideas???


Does a torque wrench undo as hard as it does up??? so would be more powerful than a standard wrench???


Anyone got air tools??? what equipment do you need aswell as the air wrench????




thats why i ask!


cheers, Ross

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When I had them like that in the past, I used a blow torch to heat them up and they normally undo easy enough


:thumb: spot on. This is exactly what to do.. when using air tools/torque bars etc you risk rounding off the nut/head of the bolt. Use heat and it should come off much easier..

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Spray WD40 on the threads, allow to soak, and repeat several times. Extend the arm of the wrench for more force and should do it.


And Snap goes the bolt lol, Heat evertime for me.


the gas torch is a godsend when undoing the bolt at the bottom of the front struts :D


Here is the kit im using



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