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Scrap value


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Hi all


As topic title really, got an old knackered catalytic converter that I could do with getting shut of, is there any scrap value associated with these and if so, any ideas what I should be looking at?

A question aimed mainly at the breakers, I suppose.


Ta :cheers:


most scrappers will let you drop it off for free, weight in places will laugh at you asking for payment :unsure:

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How come if a cat is worth 30 then most scrap metal merchants only pay 65 for a whole car? (what i got offered for my volvo a few weeks ago) 1.5 tonnes of steel and an all ally engine along wit5h the cat and alloy wheels etc and he offers me 65 quid.....

Just like how come my friend is selling his GTI for £200 when if he broke it he could get that for the interior and suspension alone


All boils down to people's interests (i.e. making a profiting... wanting rid of it a.s.a.p)

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