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Skyline drift car. LOL


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This is soo awesome i had to share it






note the awesome blue spolier and various other sweeeet as fook accsesories



oh and theres also this shitter for sale


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well i hope someone does buy it, breaks it of all the tatty crap! and restores it or repairs it enough so it can be used and driven properly!



everything but the two mini scoops on the front of the bonnet....































.....well the traffic warden needs something to hold onto while Im doing a ton down the motorway

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Ive just read his advert LOL thats some comical shite.......

BARGAIN!!!!!BARGAIN!!!! £2000 got my eye on a toy so if i get an offer in the next couple of days i will take around £2000.......... item ends on thursday so if not sold by then will just hold on to the car till i get a decent offer or around 3 grand,


test drive of the skyline is welcome along as insured fully comp.


nissan skyline r33 gt.st. 1997 P plate. 62000 miles


this car is crazy spec. (in other words I dont have a clue about cars) it is a full drift spec car. (atleast thats what the bloke who saw me coming told me) . it is pretty hard to drive even for the experienced driver and definatly not for the faint hearted!!!!! (probably due to the aerodynamics of the entire car working like one massive air brake/sail plane with the amount of shite I bolted on)


All the stickers are easy peel (thank god) and have only been on for a couple of months so wont leave any marks,although they make the car look mean (somehow I managed to spell "chavy" as "mean....go figure)


i took it in a part exchange just over a week ago and put it down to the renault garage ( so no dodgy mot's! ) and it flew threw. i also have had it dynoed and set up a bit more economical. (I considered dumping the half a tonne of bolt-on's to improve mpg but my car looks blingin wiv em dunnit bruv)


it was also serviced before mot and got new plugs,oil,oil filters, and fuel filters.


the bodywork is in good condition (well what bits you can see under the shite) nt seen a kit as solid as this one ever!


the car holds the road like glue and drives in a straight line for about a mile without touching the steeringwheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (aslong as you dont go over 5mph....beyond 5mp the bolt-on drag puts it in a bush)


the brakes were recently replaced and stop on the spot (helps that the weight of the car doesnt let it go past 40mph)


. susspension is set really stiff. no noises,knocks or bangs, in the slightest!!!


the engine is very clean and in mint condition. very quiet, no shaddy noises,reeks,leaks,rattles or bangs. cam/timming belt was changed at 56000 miles.


the turbo spools up perfect every time with no reek at all!


it has a proshift gearbox


exedy drift clutch. brand new.


apexi ecu, chipped and mapped PROPPERLY!!! (unlike my spelling and grammer apparently)


bigger turbo, (cos the ladies luv it when I get da whoosh init)


uprated brakes and susspension, (I seem to struggle with "suspension" init)


uprated fuel pump and regulator


fancy injectors (Ive heard of Greddy.....HKS..... never "Fancy"....they a new tuning company?)


4 brand new tyres with 4 spare wheels with near new tyres on


all in all this really is a dream car. there is a lot of performance and spec for the money.


i am willing to deliver/drive the car anywhere in the uk at the price of fuel and lunch lol


phone for full spec. £3300 or offers




open to all sensible offers, any daft offers ( insults ) WILL be ignored... no pushbikes or toy cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (why are you sick of owning one now?)


intesests. jetskis,boats,fast cars, diesel cars, road legall quads. motox bikes. etc

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Totally ruined a good 4-door.


Dont like the R33's but mate of mine has 1 R34 4 door and 2 R32 4 doors at the moment.


I drove this one up to modified nationals 09




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