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Escort Cossie STOLEN


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Cossie stolen from NI 7000 genuine miles keep a eye out its a long shot but it would be highly unlikely that the thief would try to sell it in in Ireland a few links below, i have got link from irish rally site.


irish rally site


piston head link


really mean sounds link

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You need to be registered to view the Irish Rally site bud.


Gutted for the owner though.. looks a real tidy motor too. After reading through the "Really Mean Sounds link" I see he is away or has been while its been stolen. Scary really, could've been someone off the forum who had it away on their toes - lesson to all is to watch what you say online.


As someone else has said too, the thing will most likely be on a container somewhere now - cars like that tend to be stolen for order, not just as a quick rag about. Valued at £35k? Ouch.. I wish him luck getting that from his insurance company.

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