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escort wrc (tof) went for mot


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for every1 who knows the car, just a quick up-date on the escort wrc

took it for mot 2day, only failed on a few things...

headlamp aim too high

horn does not function

windscreen washer provides insufficent washer liquid

nearside front constant velcocity joint gaiter split

and finally exhaust because it had been decated


all off this work has now been done 2day so will be going back for retest on monday, so it will be soon back on uk number plates and back on the road :thumb:

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kool.. thats brill news.. hopefully should see it at a few shows ??? :unsure:

awaiting updated pics :) ;)



hi, i cant seem to upload pics cud some1 plz tell me how 2? ive done it once b4 but forgot :unsure:



Theres a guide here.



But dont put your pics in here, create a topic in the correct plae here.


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what about the passanger side wheel only having three wheels nuts i know its ok to only have three but must of been an advisery unless you have sorted it but nice to see it back on the road anyway has gone down hill drasticly since i sold it

No need for two topics now so,.....


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