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My Scort is dead :(


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So the dreaded MOT claims another one. My 1.6 Finesse/GTI replica needs more repairs than are economically worthwhile, so i'll be concentrating my time (and money) on the Bimmer from now on. Apparently scrap value is around £100 p/tonne at the moment, so it'll probably get weighed in, after i've removed the skirts, spats, mondies etc.


I'm pretty gutted. It has been the best first car I could ever wish for - nippy enough, big enough, good looking enough, even economical enough (until I found how fun 5000rpm was!). In hindsight I can see why so many people are faithful to the Escort Massive, even if most are bags of rot!!


So unless anyone in the Essex/Norwich area wants to offer me more than scrap value to take it away, It'll be gone forever :(

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Not know anyone who can? Looked up mobile welders in your area? If you love your Essy that much, there's always a way around ;)


Ours failed last year on too much to even comprehend, within 2 days I'd replaced all the parts that needed doing and had a mate weld up parts of the chassis. I know it'll be sound for a while now - my only concern is I've not got to sort the crank seal out and replace the sump and gasket before the next MOT as it has a touch of an oil leak and the sump plug won't come out even when heated with the acetylene torch.



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