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e tch strur brace wanted for mk6 gti/si


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Check this thread HERE, I think Dels still got the E Tech brace :)


tried him mate , no reply. cheers though :cheers:


got front and rear OMP ones if interested, in my for sale thread.. pics on second page of it. jay.


want an e tech up front mate but how much for the rear posted ? cheers, jay :cheers:


still looking for an e tech strut brace posted , cheap as poss for my part rebuild guys, come on someone must have one :unsure:

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id hazard a guess down to the metal ready to be painted :)


thatd be cool, can spray it same colour im doing the rocker and brakes :D . im off to watford on sunday so postage isnt an issue now as im pretty sure that luton aint that far from there. so collection sunday ok ??


be about £35 posted, i'll just half the original price i had for them both and add in postage for free, jay.


ill let you know soon mate :cheers:

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