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Backbox problems


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When I bought my gti it already had a stainless steel exhaust system on it.


Problem is I realy hate the tailpipe and I dont know who the exhaust was made by so when it comes to buying one that I do like how do I know what will fit?


The backbox thats fitted had a bolted flange just above the rear beam. I'v seen similar ones for sale but realy dont know what will fit.


Would I be better off just buying one that would fit a standard system and welding the pipe from between the original box and the system to it.


Or will I be able to get a box that fits off the shelf?

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na think that would look a mess. Its got one of them huge wide upswept things on it at the min. Looks like a letterbox.



DTM Slot exit.... looks good on more boxy shaped cars but definetly not escort curves.


theres not that much pipe to play with if you go for the weld optionyou mentioned, its possible of course, just tight.


have you not tried just measuring your pipe diameter at the joint?

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