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Some Police Crashes ;)


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the bmw it was my mate's mate that died



can I ask if he was a passanger?


just morbid curiousity given that by the looks of it the passenger cab area took the brunt of the hit, the drivers side appears more or less intact given that the post hasnt shoved the engine back and instead skimed it.


was in the back as he just got nicked!


I'm assuming that's a joke?? No prisoners would be put in the back of that BMW......It belongs to a certain specialist unit, they dont carry prisoners in the back for very very good reason. :mellow:


Which BMW is this discussion about? The silver and orange one that is heavily damaged by the pole? Or the silver and blue/yellow one with the rear wheel missing?

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for example in our area 2 police bmw 5 series were smashed up by someone in a stolen bentley conti GT. one was forced into a tree and other spun off.


Feckin Lardy de Dar at your neighbourhood.


round here its the occassional feista robbed......at a push a 306.



internet troller on the loose lol

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i know that if its got a X as the second letter its usauly a police vehicle.


Well thats obvious, if you look at EVERY picture the O.P has posted.... they all have X as the second letter. :rolleyes:


If you look really really closely they all have police stickers all over them too

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Please don't drag up old threads.

this is one sick thread why not delete it as someone will keep it open and no not me someone reopened it 4 days ago so come on mods delete this please !!!!!!!

And for some reason you think you have a viable reason or right to have someone elses thread closed?

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I would imagine that the police would find themselves in some hairy situations on a regular basis. They are constantly on the road, and they are often involved in situations that require a variety of dangerous driving situations. I have to wonder if the police officer who ran into that pole survived. I can't imagine they didn't walk away with at least a few injuries and a little bit of time in the hospital. The pole nearly sliced the entire side of the car clean from the rest of it. The only advantage the poor fellow had was the luck of having hit the passenger side of the vehicle.
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