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fifa world cup south africa


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I've got it, never played it though, I play Fifa 09 on the PS3, spose i'll have to give it a try though but I'm not really into the Wii..


if you want to sell it mate ill throw you £25 posted on it. :D


if its the wii you have it on and not the ps3

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Wii is NOT WORTH SPENDING MONEY ON, every game I play for it makes me glad I never paid RRP for them....... :unsure:



The Wii is a totaly different type of console to any others, you choose your games carefully.

Racing and first person are more suited to the ps3 & 360.

Mario games, Mario Kart truly amazing, super monkey ball in a league of its own. Pinball excellent, Wii fit, wii sports nothing else out there like this, Raging rabits hilariously funny with 100% addictive gameplay.

With the Wii you really need to see outside of the box.

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