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So a few months back I found myself needing a bigger car than the Mk3 Fiesta Si I was kicking about in, and ended up with this.....



Huge, I know, but it had air con, decent looking alloys and carried what I needed it to with ease....


First job was to remove that bloody GB sticker, then a couple of other mods happened




GTi steering wheel, interior and gearknob, Fiesta Mk5 white digital clocks, Ghia maplight and door handles, and the wind deflectors....plus the stainless Magnex which was brought forward when the standard system disconnected itself on the M6 :pancake:


Then I came across a few other bits....


Colour coded Ghia grille, tinted front lights....


Waiting to be fitted, I've got GTi sideskirts, a Ghia clock, Focus stereo control stalk, smoked side repeaters and an RS2000 brake setup (front and rear - but not sure if I'll end up fitting rears!) Also got a local guy coming on Wednesday to tint my windows.


Future plans include tinting the fogs, colour coded door handles and bump strips, removing the Finesse badges off the side, few bits of rust sorting out, realigning the exhaust, and a bigger engine :D Oh....and a decent wash lol.


Any comments or suggestions welcome :)

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I like this alot.


Get some insperation from Lee R, his was the meanest estate around back in the day. :thumb:

Just read through his thread, I doubt it'll ever be as insane as that as I'm sticking to Zetec power but it should hopefully be somewhat out of the ordinary :)


Also noticed how many modded Estates there are/have been on here....and I was trying to be different! :( lol

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