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Does anyone know about phone lines. I went to take a look at the missus' phone line as she's wanting to get broadband later this month and it looks like the line from the master box in the bedroom to the phone point in the livig toom has been cut, so I intended to wire it back in.




This is the box that comes in from the external BT line, and the existing internal wiring consists of 4 wires:



blkue/double white


orange/double white





As it stands, is the existing wiring and master box suitable for a broadband connection?

If so, how do I go about wiring up the internal wiring into the master box?




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If you had a socket fitted to that then id say it would be okay. Looks like a very old line tho with it only being 2 wires (circa 70s). Do you get a dial tone on it? if you do it should be okay, if not youll need the internal wiring checked i would say its compatible for bb though
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for an extension you only need 2 wires Blue and Blue/white or Orange and orange/white


just connect either side of the exsisiting terminals wire through to where ever you want your extension and then wire the corresponding colours into your extension box make sure your polarity's are correct and it should work for you.

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Have a look here, I wired the phone lines in our house (including 2 paralled lines) and it helped. Basically two of the twinned pairs are the power, and the other pair is for the audio. Youre an IT ninja for a living arent you? Its similar to network patching if youve ever done that.


As far as b/band goes, the lines look a bit prehistoric so the propogation in the cabling may not be good enough for broadband , but im only guessing. It might be worth giving bt a ring so they can ping your line to see what speeds they can achieve.

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