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bits left - grab before ebayed


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electric sunroof conversion kit - £25 collected - £35 posted

standard spoiler - £5 collected - £15 posted

ST24 Turbines in ford graphite grey with toyo proxes T1-R's 195/45 R16 with alloy wheel nuts and mcguard lock nuts - £200 collected - courier would be extra £50

custom centre console with mondeo armrest and 3 one touch relays - £40 collected - £15 posted (lots of packaging required)

GTI steering wheel with fiesta zetec s airbag - £20 collected - £30 posted

gti style gearknob with dark blue face in good condition - £12 posted

richbrook leather handbrake cover - £12 posted

remote locking kit - £20 posted

sony MEX-1GP headunit (absolutely amazing radio) - £50 posted

sony 6 MP3 CD changer with leads - £40 posted

do both for £80 posted

my old subs and amp set up - 2 12" 1000W sony subs and a 1200W sony amp where led backlight has been changed too blue (i had an obsession with blue light) in an inphase enclosure (would recommend re-carpetting it) - £100 collected

sparco strut brace (needs painting) - £30 collected - £45 posted

2 blue suede ripspeed harness pads (were on my back seats so hardly used) - £10 posted

custom foglights i made (need finishing) - £50 collected - £60 posted

smoothed silver top rockercover given a wrinkle finish with hammerite hammered black paint (looks awesome) - £25 collected - £35 posted

rover 2.0 inlet manifold with injectors (ideal for zetec tuning, speak to matman for details of how too fit) - £30 collected - £45 posted


add more as i rummage through and will send pics to email addresses as uploading them isnt working too well.

07835899676 if you want to ask any questions


also selling my escort £350 as has full leather interior including rear seat back carpets, stainless cat back and all the usual ghia bits, tested till october. £350 covers scrap value, interior, cat back, ghia bits i can sell on and good proven engine (i wont say how proven as people always comment on it so i'll say the car went on a special road where went fast but didnt go anywhere :rolleyes: )

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subs and amp provisionally sold, pending collection.


also remembered have:

2.0 throttle body £20 posted

mk6 wing mirror casings and base plates (ideal for colour coding) £15 posted

panther (i think) black 5 door rub strips for mk6 escort - £10 collected - £20 posted



pics of wheels if possible? cheers.

do that when i get home. can be seen on the car in my progress thread for my escort. work computer filter wont let me on image hosting site to get the link :(


pics of wheels:









and on the car. date in that pic is when they were fitted to the car. day before fiesta in the park. as you can tell by time i wasnt leaving myself much :)

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cars now on ebay and when my laptop stops being a pain in the region of the body excrement comes from then the wheels, centre and radios will be on there.

rest will follow after when i have my decent computer back that has a proper broadband connection instead of vodafone mobile broadband

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What remote locking kit is it ?

just says its a 'top' car keyless entry system

bought it from www.ultimatecarparts.co.uk

bought a kit from them for my old corolla with a flip key set up which worked well and same brand so should be good


have you still got sony headunit. if so how much collected.

yes i still have both.

gigapanel is £40 collected and the tape player is £25 on its own or £60 with the changer. gigapanl and changer is £75

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