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Escorts Going up in price?? Discuss

Grant Gti

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As title what happened to all the cheap escorts? I've been thinking about getting an estae for a while now and after seeing the silver one at ford fair (im sure you all know the one) my mind is made up but i cant seem to find any at decent money tbh, i may have to wait a while till i've sold the mk5 but tbh you could get a decent escort for 2 to 3 hundred quid not so long ago, I've bought loads of gti's in this price bracket too just didnt think estates would be so popular these days i suppose its not like im after a diesel either lol, What do you lot think??? :thumb:
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Escort prices going up???


These rumours had better not be true, otherwise...................



Fucks sake i just spat my drink out!!! funny guy :thumb:














































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They do appear to be going up, you really dont see a lot of cars under 400 quid these days but a few months/years ago there were plenty, doesnt matter what make and model, and its not like theyre all minters, I imagine a minter 1.8 escort would be fetching quite a bit these days.
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something to do with the scrappage scheme maybe?

lack of cheap cars making prices for the ones available rise.

happens with most things that are in demand but with limited supplies.


i share that opinion

I 1st looked at ghia x saloon, mica stone. looked mint... rotten underside and 180000 miles.... not for me, wanted £1000

2nd one was an m plate 5b tdi, every panel dented, welded all over the place, 1 month MOT and tax, Wanted £550!

3rd one was a 1.8 si, Red, 66k T&T 9 months...okay condition, Wanted £1350 way too dear! would not budge at all

4th and last one was i have the paper here Described as:

"Escort Finesse 1.6, Silver, Vreg, 48k miles, 1 years MOT, 6 months tax, £1200 no offers

I called the above one. I asked about the MOT... did it need anything? Apparently it sailed through. Sounded good, Described to me on the phone as in 'very good for its miles' with this i was expecting a minter.

Arrived to a Silver 5 door hatch finesse... Both arches rotten to the point they are jagged from the sill to the bumper. Both sills welded at the back, about a 10-12ich plate on each side, scabby dirty interior, owner was a hippy gardener. To be fair it run mint but thats about all, Bumpers were also cracked, Looked like the rear shocks had collapsed. big dirty towbar on the back just to add insult, I played along not to upset the owner, they said they had alot of timewasters!!!!! i wonder why! I was then presented with the apprent flying colours MOT... there was two pages of epic fail! ranging from rust to emissions :(

needless to say i was tempted!!! Really tempted.... If theyd had taken £50 just so i could scrap for a profit!


i looked at an BMW E36 318 too.. Similar story to the above, more a bit tired than shitter tho. Described to me as immaculate and original and readverrised to timewasters! Made 100 mile trip from my home to see it. Took for a spin... Heavy pull to the left... elec windows not working... to be fair the shell was solid... popped the bonnet... looked under the oil cap to see gunk... promply drove it back and walked away!


Its a shame... there is so much rubbish for sale with stupid price tags on them i sold my green escort for £550 with 6 months test, 2m Tax, Generally clean and tidy ECT


Ive just bit the bullet and gone newer, im just sick and tired of looking! :(

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im still looking for a nice gti for not alot of money but it just aint happening.

there is an escort gti estate on ebay at the moment for not alot but i dont want an estate,(sorry i dont know how to do links to ebay,im new to all this)

click on there and try a search.

hope this helps.



by the way...hello from southampton i've just joined.

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I've noticed this too.. I reckon the scrappage scheme had an impact on the market for second hand cars. So many will have dissapeared that some cars became rarer and rarer, upping their value.. like escorts, at one point one of the most popular and common cars there was, now you'll only see a handful in a day.


Just a theory like!

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