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Fiesta ST


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Standard wise, its a great little car, superb handling, with rs2000+ performance. Crap for cruising on the motorway as it'll sit at 4k rpm at 80mph as it has no 6th gear and the gears a little close together. but per tank of mixed driving im getting about 32mpg on the onboard computer.


Tuning wise its fantastic, the options are endless, 200hp almost guaranteed with bolt on bits (cams, full exhaust inc manifold, airfilter, remap and cosworth inlet (all in about £1500 if you pick the bits up second hand). Alternativelt there are alot of tuning houses that do set staged pakages like mountune (recomemended), pumaspeed, pumabuild, jampsort etc.


As you can imagine a 200hp fiesta is a completely different animal. And will pull many car lengths from all your typical hot hatches, including the fociST up to about 110mph.


Jampsort will also do a bolt on roltex supercharger, when fitted on top of the 200hp bits above produce 300-350hp (on standard engine gubbings, sounds crazy to me, but there hasn't been a single engine failure in the 3 years since they started doing it) costs £4000 fitted. (if fitted to standard ST produces between 220-260hp)


Now, one thing that is a complaint from owners of tuned FiST's is that the fact they use a form of IB5 gearbox (thats the same as the one in 1.3 KA's (and most your escorts)) this means that they fail regulary on 200+ cars, though most replace when they go with uprated jobbies with Quaffe differentials, which transforms the handling to beyond awesome.


Mines running mountune stage 1 (165hp), and the remap and other little bits remove all the torque limiters, raises the rev limiter, so while its only 15hp more than standard the actuall car is almost 1.5seconds quicker to 60. And while still losing by a car length to type R's over the 1/2 mile, its does give em a scare, and put a smile on your face. Mountune stage 2 is 185hp, and stage 3 is 200+


Need anymore info, feel free to PM me!



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wouldn't describe them as rs2000+ performance. I had the legs on one when i raced it in my rs2000, not much in it though.


performance in standard form is 100% equal to a st170. and is proven every thurdsay evening without fail.


it would be equal to the 170 due to the size difference! i like the fiesta st think they are a good lookin car

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I went through a phase of looking at these, Nice little cars, and I'd like a blue one....however i'd rather rip my eye's out that look at the blue dashboard for 8000miles a year.


I decided to stick with my flywheel muncher.

totally agree but the pre-facelift had a black dash :thumb:


I'd need a facelifted one. Kinda decided something German is the way forward.

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