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My current whips lol


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Got a few pics of my latest motors, a t4 that ive converted to camper/dayvan so we can just get up and go away for weekend whenever!

Before stickers








And my bug


And the daily (kinda vw lol 170bhp FR)


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Heres one with bed out, its still work in progress at min, as ive been concentrating on getting some custom AMG monoblocks painted and on..



The FR is awesome, still waiting for Evolution chips to come up with a map for it so i can take it up to around 200bhp and shhhiiittt oads of torque!


The 'chalk' was specially painted for the tour de france trip, ive repainted it today in glos black, heres my spare one ive got on now


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van looks good mate


another user mrmatty has moved onto t4s


painted green with black roof and bonnet bra


golf gti 18"alloys black side bars his is still a work in progress but looks good


i think he put some pics up on here


oh and before i forget he has done the 1.9 tdi conversion

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i've seen the van nocking around a few times. voodoo is your company then i take it?


Yes pal, started in April due to being fooked off with working for other people!

New rims on the t4 now too.....





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