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how do we fit mondy st24 brakes to an escort mk6?


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Use escort cosworth front discs (not expensive from a good motor factor)


Drill the hubs out to 12mm, fit some washers between the hub and carrier, and use mondeo brake hoses


thanks :thumb:


hubs drilled out, check


spacers for discs and carrier being made, check


mondeo st24 brake hoses, check

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I dont know how much you space the mondeo discs by, which is why its better to use cossie ones, and the calipers im unsure about too if your gonna use the mondeo discs, all i know is we had a wide range of washers avalilable to hand and used 2 fat ones and 1 thin one (worked out at 4.5-5mm of spacing) per carrier bolt...Used in conjunction with the cossie discs it made it fit perfect.
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