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get to know you bbq


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hey everyone,i've just joined the forum so i had an idea,like the title says really.

i was thinking ,would anybody be up for a "get to know you bbq" down south im from southampton and i know some of you members live down this way,so i was thinking queen elizabeth country park its halfway between waterlooville and petersfield and ,you can get parking and a bbq pitch for about £9 for the day.

it would be good to put faces to names.

any thoughts?


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yeah kids are welcome,i'll be bringing mine there's an adventure trail for kids too,dogs are also permited.


they already have bbq's in the park all we will need to do is bring food,drink and charcoal,(light in the bag comes out tops in my eyes everytime)


i'll get in contact with the park and post up what dates are avalible before the summer ends!!


it'll be nice to get as much interest in this as possible,after all there's not much summer left.


the bbq pitches can hold up to 12 people,there is bigger ones if we exceed that number but they cost more.

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