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Mk5 rs2k RECAROS to fit mk6


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Got some mk5 rs2k recaro's on modified fiesta mk3.5 runners to fit the above listed cars!


They're in very good condition! No rips or fag burns, and I don't smoke, so never smoked near since I've had them, at least!


The subframed are modified due to the fact the runners are in 2 parts per seat and only one side locks, and the other side is left loose! Like this, it can wobble, so I have welded braces into the subframe to make them "one". Unfortunately using the mk3.5 runners you loose the pretensioners, but that's assuming yours would work, anyway! :roll:


I'm after £150 collected + a set of ANY mk6 escort seats!


Location Horwich (Bolton, NW)


Pics on request! :cheers:


Also breaking my car (to remain drivable!) Most parts excl shell are available but any needed parts must be swapped with ANY spec stardard part! PM with requests!

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I now have a set of replacement seats, so these seats are now ready to take away!!!!





Here's some pics of them!


They LOOK dirty, but they're not... The pile stays in different directions so the light hits it differently! I suppose I could have brushed them all in the same direction, but I couldn't be bothered! :lol:


The seats have mostly been covered at all times, so they've had little/no dirt or dust on them!

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