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1995 Escort Mexico with 2.0 conversion


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Looking to sell this. It's a decent motor, has done everything I needed it to, but I'm thinking of getting a diesel estate now, as I want something pracitcal and all I really do is motorway driving these days. I may end up breaking it, but to save hassle, it's up for offers complete. This is NOT a breaking thread, so don't ask about parts.


It's a 1995 Escort Mexico in Petrol Blue. Car is on around 87k.


Spec as follows:


2.0 Mondeo silvertop lump

Stainless back box

Koni shocks and springs

RS2000 260mm front brakes

16" OZ Superturismos

Colour coded bumpers

GTI skirts and spats

Smoked side repeaters

Good condition GTI interior (no rips or burns)

RS2000 steering wheel


Seems solid enough. Not much rust that I've seen. Bit on the tailgate, but ok otherwise generally. Little on the arch lips but don't think it's broken through on to the faces of the arches. Paint isn't 100%. Rear bumper needs paint, and a couple of other bits, but it's 15 years old to be fair to it.


Tax runs until the end of October, and MOT until mid-May next year, so plenty left in it.










Since buying it, I've changed the oil and replaced various bits of trim and things that were broken, so it's a lot better than when I got it.


As I say, after a diesel, and if I don't get any interest, I'll break it. £800

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