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What colour should I refurb my alloys...


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Think its nigh time I refurbed the alloys on the MG, they came quite a bit scuffed and me moving from an escort to a whopping great big mg hasnt helped matters. So, opinions people?













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I agree, I think the saloons are pretty awesome, although the lack of a hatchback does hinder the ability to carry big stuff around. Still, that gives me an excuse as to why the family cant use my car as an all purpose van, like they did with my escort. Saves scuffing the full leather seats this way, too.


Im not sure if any of the spoilers came as standard with the 180s, you can see a few around without any, but most most people seem to have gone for the extreme (big) spoiler or the much more subtle 'lip' spoiler. I havent come across another one with this spoiler, which in my opinion actually suits the car much better than the massive evo style one.


The great thing about this car is Im really not tempted to mod it too much, unlike the escort, because its pretty damn good to start with. Only thing I want to do (asides from the alloys, obviously) is get a dual exit exhaust fitted, because they look awesome.


The cars themselves are absolute bargains these days.... as long as they dont back date that road tax thing, in which case, we're all screwed lol.

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